Maraging C300/Vascomax 300®

Maraging 300® (also referred to as Maraging C300® and Vascomax C300®) is a vacuum induction melted plus vacuum arc re-melted, low-carbon, nickel-cobalt-molybdenum high temperature alloy capable of attaining yield strengths in excess of 270 ksi (1862 MPa) through simple, low temperature heat treatment at 900®F (482®C). Maraging C300® exhibits good ductility at high strength levels. Maraging C-300® also displays excellent notch ductility and is readily welded. Maraging 300® is one of a family of “maraging” nickel steels such as Maraging 250® & Maraging 350® which are martensitic yet ductile in the solution treated condition and attain ultra-high strength through a single low temperature aging treatment.

Common Trade Names for Maraging C300/Vascomax 300® include:

  • Vascomax® 300
  • Maraging C300

Chemical Data for Maraging C300/Vascomax 300®

  • C: .03 MAX
  • Mn: .10 MAX
  • P: .01 MAX
  • S: .01 MAX
  • Si: .10 MAX
  • Ni: 18.50
  • Mo: 4.80
  • Co: 9.00
  • Co: 9.00
  • Ti: .60
  • Al: .10
  • W: .003
  • V: .01

Available Forms for Maraging C300/Vascomax 300®

  • Wire
  • Bar
  • Sheet
  • Plate
  • Tube
  • Forgings

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